Is Bubble Completely Down?

Nothing is loading.

“Your browser was unable to load the application data. We’ve been notified of the issue. Please try again in a few moments and make sure not to use ad-blockers.”

No status issue either.

All good this end, frontend sites and Bubble editor. Are you on dedicated?


Even the home page is still offline -

My app is totally down.

Thats a bit odd. I’ve re-checked with all cleared cache and everything is ticking along.

Also all good on the status page, nothing reported or high latency:

Feel free to PM me your app I can double check things.

Anything change on your OS? Or any firewall or virus changes? Are you using Cloudflare?

I see it too. Status works, bubble doesn’t. @emmanuel

Site down for some

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I can’t even access to submit a bug report.

Been down for hours @emmanuel

Down here, as well. Can’t access any of my apps.
Correction. The editor is working, and one page of one live app is working, but nothing else.

Update: Just discovered, oddly enough, that if I append any URL of the pages that don’t work with the debug mode (?debug_mode=true), they load fine.

Down in Mississippi :frowning:

Tip for dedicated users: If you type in your server directly, it is still accessible.

Editors and are down for me too, but everything works in incognito mode…

Completely down. Chicago based. Doesn’t work in incognito either.

Interesting, though … this page works:

Sorry for the dig, but having apps, and your own site, down like this with zero acknowledgment is just crazy.

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Has anyone heard from Bubble on this? I’m down as well. None of the tricks mentioned above work (private window, debug mode)

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@edd There is a good chance that their scheduled update broke things and they have not been awake to notice quite yet. They are a small team, but they respond quickly when things go down normally.

Coming and going for me, and when it’s up, it’s extremely slow.

Pushing out an update without someone awake to to test would be dangerous. But I hope it’s that simple.

Down here as well - Denver time zone. Incognito mode makes no difference. :confused:

That is weird… Am in the UK and used Bubble editor and my app extensively in the last 6 hour with no problems!

Mine is completely down too. Dedicated, custom domain. I also cannot get to the bug report page, and then says all systems operational. Hmm.

All up for me, so must be partial outage

Or just a thought is it a DNS issue? try changing your nameservers

I’m luckily in the same boat - sorry to the other Bubblers out there.