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Is Bubble Down now? 10/24/16

Looks like the site is not loading.

We had a short downtime, should be normal now.

Still not working.

We’re looking into it.

Still down :disappointed:

I’m also seeing some database slowness… seems to go away if I wait a a bit but comes back. The status page is great, added to my bookmarks.

Looks like still down? It came back for a second but then now not working again.

Yeah, I was able to work on some things while it was working, but it went down again.

Working for me in the US. There seems to be a traceroute issue in the interweb tubes someplace.

It’s been working fine for me in South Africa

Normally has never been bad for me even when everyone else was complaining.
Today, I can’t get my business-driving repeating groups to load.

I saw the below message for the first time earlier last week and I’ve been receiving it everyday now.

In the same boat,

Been working great all morning, and then suddenly I get the same message as Macchiato

My app has now disappeared from the dashboard so I’m guessing there are some issues :frowning:

EDIT: Live app doesn’t display any data either! Hopefully there is a fix very soon its down

Still down :frowning:

Interesting - it was green for me so I spent some time digging into the Pingdom report.
I suppose it just took a bit to update the Status page.

@emmanuel: could you enlighten all us techies about what may be causing these issues the past week?
(besides the three massive attacks at DynDNS)

We’re investigating

We’re all sure you are (go team!). I was just asking on behalf of anyone who’s technically-inclined.

We’re upgrading our database to have more CPU capacity. Right now we’re mid-upgrade, and it’s severely impacting performance. Should be a lot better as soon as the upgrade completes – expected it to be done already, but I’m kicking off a database restore just in case it doesn’t complete as expected


Fantastic stuff. Let us know where to send snacks.

Thanks for keeping us informed!

Are you guys able to notify us if you are going to complete an upgrade like this? Even if its just a quick post or email.
It’s a little embarrassing pushing Bubble in our organization for it to then go down unexpectedly! Already have the nay-sayers at my door complaining.