Is bubble for me - auction site

I am looking for build a web based auction site not lile a flippa site or ebay site.

This will be for an auction house

My main concerns are

  1. Can bubble do dynamic updates for example when a bidder bids on an item can bubble do push updates of the new bid to all users on the site for that item?

  2. Uploading a csv with images, seems bubble can be used for uploading csv files but we need images so we would need bubble to match images to items via file name or a url path

  3. Do auctions as events and each auction will have several items in them with the first item selling at a certain time and then 1 item selling every few seconds and if an item has a bid it will add a admin user defined amount of time to that item until there is no more bidding on that item with a window… Example if a user bids on an item within the last 2 minutes of the item closing that item will have 2 minutes added to its closing time.

Will bubble work for me? I have the whole idea drawn out and understand how I want everything to work it is just a matter of finding the right tool to build the app for me or do I just need to have this coded by hand.

Thanks in advance

2. Im not sure about csv images but links to the image should be fine.
ruby on rails - How can i include image into CSV - Stack Overflow ,

Bubble is awesome and can build very complex things with beautiful method.

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