Is Bubble Intentionally slowing SQL queries down?

Using Bubble’s SQL Connector, a query to get about 10 records can take up to 5 seconds. The exact same query in a SQL client takes about 1/10 of a sec.

I remain on the free Hobby plan while developing and will upgrade when going live. Could Bubble impose some delays to discourage users from using outside databases instead of the built-in?

If not, can anyone explain de difference of time?

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@julienallard1 If there is a noticeable performance difference, we want to fix it. Please submit a bug report.

So this is not intentional?

I can try to take some time and make a quick dummy app for a bug report…

@julienallard1 Our engineering team is working on speeding up performance. We do not slow down queries or API calls. Dummy app will be very helpful as there might be inefficiencies we need to fix.

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@neerja I spent few hours making the dummy app and ended up a bit more confused. The same requests that took 4-5 seconds on the app I’m developing took about 0.5-0.8 sec in the dummy app.

So I gradually added complexities to the workflows so they look more like the ones in my real app. It seems that sending queries one after the other in a single workflow increase the time by a factor of more than 2. Ex.: 2 queries that take 0.5 sec on their own will take 1.5sec when executed in the same workflow…

In the dummy app, there are 4 buttons. They all run queries with workflows of different levels of complexity. They also display the start/stop time + the duration the workflow took.

I included some explanation for each button in a tooltip. Simply hover them.

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