Is Bubble IO SEO friendly?

I plan to lauch my website soon, but I have a question for SEO.
Is Bubble SEO friendly? SEO is essential for a successful business so I’m kinda scared that Google doesn’t like websites built on bubble, and therefore doesn’t push my website.
Thank you.

I tried to compile a big list of information here…

The forums got a bunch of post about it.

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Ugh… From what I understand, bubble is not really friendly… I hope they solve the issue soon. I planned to launch my website soon, which is a calculator for renting vs buying, investment property calculator… which SEO would be really helpful…

I guess I will have to migrate eventually…

I think you’ll find it will be just fine, you just need to plan it and read the bubble seo guides. :blush:

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Which issue(s) specifically are you talking about?

Thank you for the encouragement! So it is possible to rank high with the SEO if I plan it?

page load speeds which negatively affect the SEO

If you build your app correctly there’s no need for it to have slow page-load speeds (obviously if you build it poorly then it might be very slow)…

So it is possible to rank high with the SEO if I plan it?

It’s definitely possible to rank if you understand SEO (i.e. you nail all your technical SEO and have a solid off-page SEO strategy)

I agree, I accidentally got indexed and ranked for a new brand term that I didn’t want to whilst I was developing the site… With no links and no promotion at all.

Not competitive terms, but it just appeared.

Google loves to consume new things and whilst there is so much noise in the seo industry about almost everything being a ranking factor you need to use common sense and as @adamhholmes said you need a strategy for on and off page.

It will work, and building the app and the marketing in Bubble (I recon) will give bubblers the edge over wordpress in the end.

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Thanks a lot guys, I was worried and I feel good now. I will research on SEO tips and try them. Have a great night!

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