Poor SEO performance?

I just heard from a client that an associate of theirs was moving a large project off Bubble due to poor SEO performance. Has anyone run into issues with SEO?

Interested in providing some proof that we do not need to shift the project to another platform on the public facing side of the site. What are some bubble sites that are doing well in Google?

I have been doing SEO for over 20 years. After working with Bubble over the past year, I have my own concerns relating to poorly structured code, accessibility & slow page loads… so I decided to check my home page. The page testers showed my page loaded in 9 seconds. I just pulled it up in a private window and it took 13 seconds when I timed it myself. Ouch! The home page is very simple. A logo, 3 images and no database searches, repeating groups or anything fancy. I checked the page size and the page was generally well constructed in the browser analysis I pulled up in Chrome. I am going to optimize one image but that one was under 1mb.

I downloaded the page and saw some concerning items. Aside from abysmal page structuring, I found a 2.6mb javascript file downloaded amongst others…
Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 12.12.27 PM

There was a thread a while ago asking a similar question – I recall at least one person had acceptable performance – but the advice for people who really needed to compete on SEO was to move the public facing / blog side to another platform. There have been some good discussions on the forum about the issues and why they exist.

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Oof. This sites paid content area is massively complex already… was really hoping to keep it all in one place. We have a content area that we want to expose on the front end. I guess I will have to program an API to send those articles to new front end platform.

I think I found the thread.

For us, we feel the only real benefit of Bubble.io is the front facing landing page, so to hear that people are moving away from it for that purpose is worrisome! We see SEO dings on the Javascript and CSS size causing slow loading times for our site. I would love to see a solution to this so that we don’t have to move our landing page to a separate platform. I’ve been scouring the Google results looking for any information about reducing size on Bubble and have come up empty so far.

What platform are y’all moving your landing pages to?

I am eager to learn about the actions taken by Bubble and the potential actions that users can take regarding SEO. The growth of my website relies heavily on organic search traffic and conversions. However, we are currently experiencing some frustrations with SEO issues that many of you have mentioned.

1. Slow loading speed: We have made efforts to address this issue by removing unused plugins, compressing images with gzip, and utilizing reusable elements wherever possible. Despite these measures, the loading speed according to Google’s Lighthouse report is still unsatisfactory and far from optimal. I am uncertain about the extent to which this affects our ranking on Google.

2. Sitemap: The automatic exposure of our sitemap does not function properly. It gets stuck in a “processing” state for an extended period of time. We have raised a service ticket regarding this matter, and the response we received was essentially to accept the situation and manually upload the sitemap, which we have done. However, considering that we have over 10,000 pages on our site, this process is burdensome and not timely at all.

3. Content and link detection: I have experimented with several SEO tools, and some of them have flagged warnings about my pages lacking tags and content. However, my pages do contain words, links, and set tags. Currently, I am relying on SEO descriptions to inform search engines, including Google, about the content of our pages. I suspect this may not be the most comprehensive approach.

I am uncertain whether Bubble is solely responsible for these issues or if there are additional configurations or optimizations that I can implement. Any advice from the community and experts would be greatly appreciated.

I am exploring Bubble before getting started and want to know the truth about its SEO pros and cons. Finding threads like this one and no real solutions or positive takes is very concerning. Months and even years with crickets on the topic.

I regret moving to bubble. I have not been able to find any good advice to improve speed. I almost exactly recreated our website from webflow, just cleaner and with a better DB. The SEO hit has been tremendous and I think it is mostly due to poor speed. I have spent a lot of time on improving SEO, but the performance issue is too great. I’ve waited a few months to see if it improves. I like bubble, but I will probably have to leave. It seems to have been an issue for years that is not prioritized.

Your bubble application is stored in a nosql document, each element, within it’s own document, etc, etc. You could create your landing page as a reusable element, which is accessed once, instead inerrably accessed from document to document. But I digress, Bubble should only be used to build internal systems.