Is Bubble NOT compatible with Pinterest?

I am having troubles to get my Bubble website to work properly with Pinterest.
I am not talking about integrating the Pinterest API (for instance login using Pinterest account), but about pining items on my page using pinterest.
Pinterest does not seem to find all the images that are on my pages.

For instance if you go to this page :

  • If you use the Pinterest plugin for Firefox, it will find all the images in the gallery but trying to add them to your pinterest account will not work (you get an error from pinterest).
  • If you try to directly import the link from your pinterest board, it only finds the user’s profile image.

Did anyone have a similar issue and found a workaround ?
I can’t seem to find any information on the web about how to make a website Pinterest-compatible. I guess it should work using only the image tags in the html source code.

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