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Is Bubble the right tool for these requirements?

Dear Bubble Community,

after I have spent now a week of daily dealing with bubble, it’s interface and it’s no-code environment, I am somewhat helpless considering the decision whether this tool is able of what I am planning to do or not.
Before I spent another week or two just to find out that this tool is not what we need, I was wondering if I can list just some example of what we are trying to achieve from a functional side and ask you as the community whether bubble is capable to do (with plugins, if required) so or not. I hope this question is ok and no offending anybody!

I went through a 16-hours online course and I have spent days trying to do some more of the complex stuff we require. As much as I like the new beta version of the Responsive development interface and visual possibilities connected with it, I am having serious problems developing the functions required. However, I am more than happy to learn that these problems I ma having are more based on the fact that I am a rookie and if I continue I will be able to fulfil our requirements.

We are trying to develop a program that is mostly intended to be used last the beginning internally and eventually add functions to be used with customers.

Following functions are examples off what we want to achieve:

Project Management:
Recalcu* lation of milestones and dates based on changes of a task date, e.g. I have a project with eight tasks, ending August 1st and if I change the date of the third task by three days, the final date of the project will be moved to August 4th

  • Recalculation of project timeline based on simulation of new dates, e.g. I have a project with eight tasks, ending August 1st and I want to simulate the impact on the project changing duration of tasks
  • Every project is passing a bi-weekly review. In order to do so we have a “Next Review Date” for each project. This should automatically be added to the Task Management type and appear with the right date in the calendar (see below)

Time Management:

  • We want to download on a weekly basis our schedule for the following week from Google Calendar to a Data Type (why can they not use normal DB terminology?!), and view them in a calendar format. Then list all open tasks for that same following week and have them automatically distributed to available time slots and in a last step modify this by drag and dropping them in the calendar view.


  • When we create an offer, we need to combine from three different data types things into one new thing in the Offering Data Type (DB, that is). E.g. we are developing an offer for a customer based on different service offerings available in our service data type (consulting Services Type, e.g. ST-A), based on different consulting resources (project manager, e.g. PM-B), and considering specific terms and conditions (e.g. TC-C). These need to run into the offering data type in a single row (I guess Thing it is called) containing (among some other parameters like dates, etc.) ST-A (Pricing, timing, etc. ), PM-B (fee per day, times committed, etc.) , and TC-C (payment terms, etc.) data.

I must admit that I found bubble to have an incredible steep learning curve and specifically, when it comes to putting the functions together for above described requirements I am not getting significantly far down the road.

Are these requirements reasonable for using bubble, or do we have to continue our searches?

I am more than thankful for comments, thoughts, and suggestions!



I understand where you are coming from… when i stared building my project on bubble i too wanted to know this, thats because i was a rookie in bubble, i had to spend about 1/2 month watching specific or related tutorial on what i wanted to build… Everything you stated can be done by bubble 100%. Your project deals with manipulating data… date, time are all data… Just put a little more time in to learning… i promise you, it would pay of eventually… it because you are a newbie thats why you’re facing this problem…

Ill advice you start with the most basic and important functionality don’t stress yourself with going to deep, with time you’ll learn more and improve the complexity

I promise you, put in one month into learning bubble / watch a lot of youtube tutorial(How to videos). You would eventually get this done,…


Hey @svenschuldt :wave:

The short answer is yes. I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do all of this.

The key is using the backend workflows. If you don’t know about these yet, this is what makes Bubble powerful. It allows you to do automation on the server side.

Hope that helps a bit! :blush:


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Absolutely can do all those things and so much more, the workflows make it simple once you get your head around the way they want them structured, the number of plugins available are a godsend, and its worth an hour or two scrolling through them, again they take a little working out but not so hard. I myself commenced building a complex project management system but stopped that for another project but will return to that when I am finished.

Good luck


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Meanwhile I have spent another week fumbling with Bubble and though I am still not at the point of feeling comfortable :wink: I am more positive minded, after I have read and taken your advices to heart.

I am still struggling with a lot of issues (backend workflows, custom states, and specifically the little word “more…” in red, when I am trying to define a search or a condition how/when to run a process), however, Bubble seems to provide a huge amount of flexibility and hence possibilities.

Thanks, @J805 , @ozitechnologyng1, and @pmanester!



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Hey @svenschuldt :wave:

Keep up the good work. There is a learning curve for sure!

Just a hint, the little ‘more…’ in red means that the type of thing doesn’t match. So what you are trying to save might be a single thing when you are trying to save a list or it might be something like you are trying to save a number but you are sending it a thing. It’s a mismatch with the type. The error message is usually pretty helpful to determine what the issue is. It will tell you most of the time.

Hope that helps a bit! :blush:

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Yeah… Whether you know it or not, you must have improved a bit. I feel what you may need is a little bit of direction, you may probably be mixing thing up . I think i could point out a few things for you (For Free) if you care. during my spare time.

Apart from that, one thing that worked for me was to watch bubble videos for fun, i watch it every time im about to sleep, when i am relaxing, not only when im ready to work on my project. It really helped me unlock my brain

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