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Is "Current User" available when using the API Connector to call backend workflow?

I have a backend workflow that from which I would like to return data to the page. I called the endpoint for my backend workflow via the API connector and was able to successfully return data to my page. However, this backend workflow creates several things in the database, and the “Created By” field says (App admin), rather than the user who made the API call. Normally when an backend API workflow is scheduled, the current user is the user who scheduled the API workflow. Is that option not available when using the API connector?

Since you’re authenticating your API call with your app generated API key it’s running in the context of the App admin.

Follow this guide, you essentially create a workflow to generate an API key per user, then you remove the shared key header from your API call and instead make it a non-private header so it can be dynamically filled in when the action done. This also means the API call follows the privacy rules of the Current User (can be ignored if needed)

The key lasts 1 year, so I have a date field under my user indicating when it’s expired. Then at login it checks if it’s expired and generates a new one and saves it in a text field under the user

Maybe one day we will be able to return values back to the client, maybe one day…

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Thanks @tylerboodman!

That’s the truth.


Their product team does know about the demand at least