IS IN {a range?}

Could someone update the reference to explain what “is in” means.

I was hoping that a numeric type had a way of connecting to a range. e.g numericvar is within rangevar

I can easily do rangevar contains numericvar but if the thing I am talking about is a numeric then it’s not obvious how to do it.

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“Is in” is for lists. It’s for determining whether 1 value exists in a list of values of the same type. I think this is only an available option within search constraints and filters. For example, a text is found in a list of texts or a User is found in a list of Users. You can do it with numbers too, but not in the way that you’re after - you could find a number within a list of numbers.

I never actually realized there’s no “is within range” modifier like this. Seems like you can only do it from the other direction: range contains point.

You could try the below, but seems like more work if you can just do “range contains point”.


If you need it in a constraint, I think you’ll just need to use an advanced filter:


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thanks for that. Unfortunately it means changing the thing of the page.
I’ve used the
constraint 1 point > range:min
constraint 2 point < range:max
but it seems like an oversight.

thank you so much for this. It was really helpful