Is it correct that Bubble will charge us more for making our apps optimized for better performance?

Someone said that the new Bubble pricing is aligned with how you build your app and that if you build your app wisely - the app will work faster and Bubble will charge you less.

But is this true?

Back then we moved a lot of our workflows to the backend so that our users don’t face performance issues. Now Bubble charges 0.6 WU per backend workflow action while 0 for client workflow action (if I got it right).

So, Bubble forces us to move our backend workflows back to the client side and make our app slower? But this way we will pay less to Bubble.

Can anyone help me figure out this, please?


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There’s no simple answer here.
If your backend WF write to DB, running the “make change to a thing” or “Create a new thing” from backend or frontend will cost probably the same thing. But because you schedule the WF, the schedule a workflow action will cost you something. So if you have a simple backend WF with one step, it’s probably better to run it in front end (that shouldn’t affect user too much). But if you have complex WF that take a moment to run, it’s probably better to keep it in backend for user experience.

Did you check the webinar? You will see some strange thing Bubble want us to do now (like using external services instead of Bubble DB).

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