Is it possible that every user can use its own API key?

I have the idea to build a dashboard that shows the trade data of an account on a crypto exchange.

This can be done via an API from Bybit.

A user must be able to create a link between a crypto exchange such as Bybit, so that the trade data becomes visible.

Now my question is whether it is possible in to retrieve data per user via their own API.

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Yep all good you just dynamically populate your API call with their key from your database, remember to use privacy rules :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thanks for your comment. Is there also documentation about this in or do I have to look in the documentation of the API of the crypto exchange?

You already know that I’m a complete beginner :slight_smile:

Oliver or Petter can you develop this element for me? What’s your email-adress.

Yep there is some great docco here - API Connector security - Bubble Docs

I’ll send you a DM