Is it possible to become a Bubble developer and be freelancer?

Hi there! Good day for everyone. I’m new here and I got to know Bubble just some weeks ago. I was studying Webflow in order to become a freelancer and create sites because I know there is a demand for that. But when I discovered Bubble, I’ve seen its potencial and I know Bubble is capable of creating amazing App’s, even Saas, I was amazed and now I am between learning Bubble (be a app developer freelancer) and Webflow (be a web developer freelance).


  1. Can I make a living as a Bubble developer? There is a demand for that?
  2. Can I be like an app developer (including Android & iOS apps) and a saas developer using just Bubble? That’s my biggest dream btw.
  3. Is it worth it to leave my Webflow study and dive into Bubble? (I’m totally willing to do that but I am too afraid of not being worth it).

So I think my questions are very personal and I will really appreciate every answer and take every opinion in consideration. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey welcome!

I’ve actually come from a similar background (Webflow, then Bubble), so I’m in a decent position to answer your questions:

  1. Yes! And yes, there is good demand for decent freelancers especially those with a design background. Just don’t underprice yourself.

  2. Yes - I’ve done that and continue to do so. Personally, I prefer to build SaaS from my experience, but building mobile apps is challenging but fun. I’m working on a fantastic and popular mobile app at the moment with a great team in the US and it’s an exciting journey.

  3. Do both. Multiple streams of revenue and they are complimentary skillsets that people will pay more for.

Does that help?


I’m a consumer turned developer. We had trouble outsourcing work so I just learned to do it myself.

  1. Most customers don’t understand bubble. Building a simple dark mode feature can be charged for hundreds of dollars. I would know this because this is exactly what happened to us :smiley: The cheapest developer still overcharged us. Again, we as customers didn’t understand it was an overcharge until we learned bubble ourselves.

  2. If you use a wrapper like BDK Native then definitely. Depending on the nature of the app & your skill as a developer, you can create web-apps that are virtually indistinguishable from native apps. Then you wrap those web apps.

We have a native app on IOS & Android stores, performing well. I’ll link it if you’re interested.

  1. I’m not qualified to answer this question :slight_smile: