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Dear Bubble

I’m looking for advice from other people on how to become a Bubble Freelancer.

I’ve been building on Bubble for six years. In 2016, I created an application for a healthcare company. Since then, I’ve been busy using Bubble to make other apps for the same company here in New Zealand.

Unfortunately, my 6-year run is coming to an end in January, so I’m thinking about trying out the contracting world of Bubble before looking for other job options.

As far as my experience goes I have developed many different types of systems.

SAAS Business management systems that let you get away with things
Risk management
Hazard management systems
Systems for handling incidents, among many others

I’m very familiar with applications for healthcare and business.

Before I do this in January, I’d like to see if the community has any suggestions about how I should do it. If I’m being honest, I don’t really know what a bubble developer is worth on the market

So my questions are

Where is the best place to find work?
What’s the bubble market like? Are bubble developers really needed?
What is the rates of pay for a bubble developer?

I’m also working on a personal project called the Patient Safety Application because I want to reduce the amount of preventable harm in healthcare. But for now, that’s just a side project.

Any advice would much appreciated

Your fellow builder of Bubble

here is a tweet where i summarized how i got clients/get clients.

if you are desperate join an agency.

bubble devs are really needed. more bubble companies are growing so much 1 dev does not cut it.

in general not many bubble devs are good at all things (api calls, responsive design and backend workflows) . i would say just a few 1000.
if you can make plugins even better. probably only 500-1000 people can.
the market need is there as many good bubble freelancers cut hours to travel or make their own SaaS,.

the rates start at around $20-40 an hour and go up to around 80-120 an hour.

Sometimes you may find someone willing to pay more or give you equity.

if you are building since 6 years why does it say you joined only last year, just curious?


That is just when they joined the forum, not when they created their Bubble account. You can Bubble your butt off without being a member of the forum, and I’m sure plenty of folks do exactly that.


100% agree with you :+1:

I started working on bubble since November 2020 but i joined forum in this year’s May month…

There are few seniors in my company where they are working on bubble since late 2018 but they are still not on forum…

Definitely can’t judge seniority/expertise based on forum joining date…


Thanks very much some good tips there on twitter! I m not desperate yet! :rofl:

Your post is reassuring thanks very much. I think Ill try and give it a go next year.

Do you think it will help if I put up a website with my skills ect? Plugins are not my thing but back end WF and the new RE Im pretty skilled in now.

Fair point about the account. I have 2 accounts . This is me other one. @timgarrett111

Thanks for your help Tiplister


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my approach would be to write lots of content somewhere. linking to a personal site with an easy call to action “schedule a free call” or “drop a message” definitely helps.

definitely the 6 year experience is excellent. 99% of people dont have that. Even i have that on my linkedin subtitle “bubble dev since 4 years”, as with such a new tool it immediately makes people think, ok he knows something. but 6 years is another level, nice

maybe get a recommendation from your boss or coworker.

lots of people like design so maybe work on some nice looking page or build your own landing page for a restaurant scheduling app, menu app or project management app or something

in general twitter is nice to use to see what people in similar positions do.