Is it possible to build an itunes-like music player app?

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First post and I just want to say Bubble is super awesome! But you knew that already… Lol!

Before I spend days attempting to build the music player app we need let me give you a short description to find out if it will be possible though?

Option 1:
We own music content in a very specific small niche bound to language and genre. (Many albums we’ve recorded through the years.) We would like to build an app for mobile devices (ios & android). Store songs for purchase and download into a possible “hidden folder” on a smart device. (Better option might be an encrypted mp3 format that only the music player can play) Users should then be able to play only the songs they purchased instead of being able to play any mp3’s they might have on their device.

Option 2:
Users pay a monthly subscription giving them access to our complete song catalog. During a monthly period they will be able to download and play songs (hidden folder or encrypted mp3s). If they don’t renew their subscription the app stops working. When the app is deleted the songs will be deleted as well.

We won’t be able to use the payment gateway plugin you supply since the service provider do not support our currency in South Africa. If we use a local payment gateway service provider will it be possible to load a script/plugin of theirs? It’s Javascript if I remember correctly? Will Blockspring work in connecting to one of our payment gateway service providers?

Just noticed that when I click ‘add plugins’ all the categories are flagged but no plugins show up on the right hand side.

Okay… so don’t think you need to educate me on all of the above in your replies :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

As somebody who is also creating a music player app, I have to say that almost all of this is already possible. I found some things along the way that I needed that bubble wasn’t able to do so I paid the bubble developers to incorporate them into their software. As far as the monthly subscription goes, you can set all the parameters you need to limit who can listen to what, whether they have paid or not as well as having a limited free version. Quite a few others that aren’t in the states have been asking for other options to stripe such as paypal and i believe have figured out how to hook these up using blockspring and zapier. ill let them comment on this since i havent gotten there quite yet. There are still things i need done to the current music player that i will be paying for in the near future. Perhaps you would like to discuss still needed features and split the costs between us? just a thought.

I forgot to say that native mobile apps are still in beta and currently limited to apple. My apps are currently created as a desktop app and a mobile web app. I have my native version created as well but because the music player doesnt work in native apple yet, ive left this alone. Probably the most asked for things on bubble are repsonsive design and native apps so im hoping these things come soon! PM me if you have any questions or want to see what my app can do currently. hope this helps!

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the info. It did shed light on a lot of the answers I needed. I will pm you. Thanks

Hey, did you every get that music player?

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