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I am trying to build a music platform similar to Bandcamp but better, i have the idea in my head and i have been trying to create something with bubble but i am getting nowhere fast, i can not even get the music player to play the mp3 i have uploaded to the howler music player. I am willing to spend a bit of money on this but only if i can actually create a decent music platform, i have loads of music and i would very much like to create a music sharing platform but at the moment it does not seem possible. PLEASE does anyone have a tutorial on how to do this, i have been trying with the tutorials on both bubble and youtube but there is nothing on music or audio at all only video or images.
Please does anyone know how i can create a music sharing platform on Bubble without coding as i am really not sure it is possible, i have been trying for years to find a way to create my own music platform without coding and bubble seems like the best bet but i really can not figure out if it will be possible or not and i do not want to go wasting more money on something that will not work.
If it is possible please can you explain to me how i can create it please as i have not found a way to do it yet.

Thank you very much

I have been searching for a course that will help me build the music platform that i want to create but there are no courses on Udemy or anywhere that deal with music or audio.
Please is there Someone that can create a video or course that will explain how to build a simple music player with upload and download with paypal payment for the download, everything else is easy enough to build and do, but when it comes to music or audio there is no help or courses to explain how to do it.
At the moment it seems i can only create something on bubble if it does not contain any audio or music.
Please can someone help me with this problem.

Thank you

Hi. I´m a musician myself and believe most of things BandCamp does could be replicated on Bubble. My suggestion to you, is to define the main 3-4 things you want your application to do and then build a demo or MVP that just does that. And then only research in the forums and courses how to accomplish those 3-4 use cases. Otherwise you are going to overwhelm yourself because a platform like BandCamp below the surface has hundreds, if not thousands of features.

If your use case regarding music is simply uploading music files, playing them only and selling them, then think of this content as pictures or video. Then research other Bubble apps and courses that show how to handle images and video and that will get you on the right path.

Additionally, there´s a Spotify clone template that you could purchase and tweak to your liking. If anything, it will show you how a pro implemented most of the features you need and would be in a better position to build it yourself from scratch if need be.

So what are the top 3-4 features that you want your BandCamp inspired app to do? I (or someone else here) may be able to tell you right off the bat if it´s doable or not.

Thank you for that response.
Ok so for me the biggest thing and the easiest for me will be the design and UI as i have a specific idea in my head of how i would like it to be, Trying to explain that here would not be easy. but as for the functions…

  1. I want to create a page where an artist or Music Tech or manager or mixer or booking agent can create and style there page to there own design, with a design toolbox.
  2. The artist or whatever can upload any new music and images for the music "(only mp3 360 or lower) on the same page, without going to the settings tab, like clicking a button to bring up a toolbox with a audio player that they can then upload to.
  3. a audio player that will let musicians upload direct to the player and set an image to go with the music, either as a single or part of an album when there would only need to be one image for all tracks.
  4. the artist or whatever can create a download button with the option to add a payment gateway like paypal this would connect to the already uploaded files and again be part of the toolbox.

I want to give the artist as much control as possible on the one page, with pop up toolbox so that they can create the items they need on the page.
This site would be for everyone that works in the music industry not just musicians but Managers, Engineers, Booking Agents, Labels, Distributors, Artists, everything on one platform with a possibility of artists and managers, booking agents and distributors connecting with each other on the same platform.
My dream may be too big but i have been wanting to do this for over 10 years now, i have all the design i need but trying to code a app to work for this would take me more than a lifetime.
Now i have put this out there someone is bound to steal the idea LOL.
Thank you


In case you are looking for some professional help to build this, please do reach out to me at anil@techflux.co or @anilamesur on skype.



Thank you
Well it was just a stupid idea to think i would ever be able to create a a music platform without coding.
I do not have the money to pay thousands to create this site and i will never be a master coder.
This makes my dream impossible, and a stupid to think i could ever do it.

I believe much of what you want is possible. The one thing that will be very complicated is having the user customize how their page looks (having them changing colors is simple, but changing and customizing a layout on the fly not so much). Other than that, most is doable. Oh, and when you say you want users to connect, that is also very loose in terms of requirement. How do you want the to connect, and do what? This last piece might mean building a social network and a music platform.

To learn Bubble on the cheap, do the tutorials on the Bubble site. Then take both Udemy courses. Finally look for some other courses like Codefree.co or Coaching Bubble

My biggest question to you is, what´s different from your envisioned product and BandCamp or other already existing apps and platforms? Almost everything you mentioned somebody else is already offering it. So why would anyone use your new platform versus the ones that already out there?

I don´t mean to be rude or anything, I just want you to think real hard about what specific pain you are trying to solve and find out if there´s even a pain to solve in the first place without you sinking your time and money into a project that may not go anywhere.

Ideas are really a dime a dozen, what counts is the execution and if you´re solving a problem important enough for a market large enough to sustain your business.

Hello Thank you
I will never be able to explain what i want to do here, i do not have the ability to put down in writing, what i have in my head. I have a lot of Very good music and a lot of Very good musicians that record music that i would like to put on my own music platform. and i know a lot of this has already been done but it has not been done the way i want it done, an i find most systems ugly and not user friendly, so i want to do it myself but this was really just a stupid idea there is no way i will ever be able to create what i want with this program, i have already watched loads of tutorials and now know that this is not going to work for me. I will have to keep searching for a system that will let me create what i want to create. Bubble is no good for me, and it would still take me years before i could build what i want with this system.
Thank you anyway i will just keep looking for the right system.

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