Is it possible to build this in Bubble? Drag-and-drop export

I’m looking to grow DrawKit’s functionality with an online illustration ‘builder’.

I know Bubble has a drag-and-drop plugin, so I can upload all the illustrated components (characters, backgrounds, scenery etc), and users can drag, drop, and assemble their own scenes.

I have 2 questions about this though:

  1. Exporting. Is it possible for Bubble to ‘render’ and export a single SVG from all the individual SVG components the user has placed on the canvas?
  2. Customisation. Can I build in the ability for users to adjust the colours of the SVG files? Similar to this:

Hopefully someone smarter than me has tried something similar before and can help :innocent:

For 2), you should be able to use javascript with the Toolbox plugin and some javascript code to do this.

Not sure how else you’d do that, but it could be possible.

For 1), I’m also unaware of how this could be done natively in Bubble. It sounds like something that you’ll need to create a custom plugin for.