Popplet - Can I build an interface like this in Bubble?

Relatively new to Bubble and trying to determine if it can handle some of the interface designs I have planned, or whether I will need to dip into some of the javascript add-on functions.

My platform will have a drag, drop and connect interface - very similar to an app called Popplet. Here is a link to a video for those unfamiliar with Popplet.

So to clarify my question - can I build something like this with the tools exist in Bubble? If not - is it possible with some of the plugins or javascript functionality? Or, and I hope this isn’t the answer - should I be exploring something else entirely?

Goal is to build an MVP version of my platform and open to a longer term plan where this gets rebuilt from scratch.



This could be done in bubble using a custom javascript for the whole “Popplet” builder. Everything database and account wise would work fine with bubble.