Is it possible to change a thing in a state WITHOUT changing the actual thing?

I regularly use states to contain things and am wondering if it is possible to make a change to a certain field for a thing in a state. When I use the Make a change to a thing action, it modifies the item in the database.

For example, let’s say I have a list of things in StateA. I want to change the Title for Item #3 in StateA from “Title” to “123”. Is that possible?

Hey @eLPDev

As far as I have found it is not possible to modify a thing without hitting the database. You could setup a custom state to only hold the title of the current cells thing, so that would be type: text. Since that custom state is not linked to a thing that should do the trick.

I have a plugin which has a similar use case (mainly helpful if needing to sort lists and maintain the custom states value).

I actually have the reverse problem. I have a list of things in a custom state, and when I change one of those things, the change is reflected on the current page but not in the database. When I refresh the page, the changes are gone.

You could use auto binding to update the DB