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Is it possible to change the Bubble logo when sending emails directly from Bubble?

When someone receives an email from my app, it looks like it came directly from Bubble since their logo is there. Is there a way to change or remove altogether. I prefer not to send via SendGrid because those emails are going to Spam. Thanks.

As far as I know, it’s not possible as Bubble and/or their email platform has control over that. Since SendGrid isn’t working out for you, either try out the other email platforms available. You can also get a dedicated IP from SendGrid (or from other email providers) and that should solve your spam issue.

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I feel like they should just remove that picture from showing up at all… This is just confusing for people receiving emails from my app…

And it isn’t like this really benefits Bubble at all… It is just the picture - It would be different if it said “sent via bubble” I would honestly opt for that… as at least it wouldn’t confuse my customers