Update default email with own brand/logo

When i use the send email webflow I get an email with the bubble icon and its from admin-no-reply@bubble.is. Is there any way to brand this? I have my logo setup in the favicon image on the settings page but don’t see anywhere to update this otherwise. Is there something i’m missing?

You’ll need to get your email set up on Sendgrid. I think, but am not 100% certain, that you need to have a custom domain in order to do this.

Yes, you first need to set up your SendGrid account.
Then, in your SendGrid account, you can create email templates and design your email as you want using the html editor or the designer tool. This will alow you to add images, linkgs, …
When you do so, don’t forget to leave the tag “<%body%>” in your template, as this will be replaced by the content of your email.

Then, in Bubble you just have to set your SendGrid account information by giving your api keys and the id of your template.