Is it possible to compare dates with > or =?

Hi, I just want to ask how can I compare dates with the option > or = at the same time.
I charge in my app the orders for today but also for the next day(s). The problem dat I have right now is that when I charge a new order for tomorrow then this one is saved in the database with the date for tomorrow but always with the time 12:00 am. When I want to see the orders for the next day, they are not showed because I don’t know how to add to the filter the option >=.


Is it possible to change this to Date > = Input’s value change hours to 0 change minutes to 0

Thanks in advanced!!!

You could use an advanced filter (instead of the search constraints). So, something like:

I think it may impact performance though, because it means you’re retrieving all orders from the database first then filtering.

I ran into a similar issue a while back. What I’ve been doing is setting the range like you did but with some minor differences. On “Date>” I set the time to zero, like you did, but then added +(seconds) with a value of - 1. That put the comparison at a second before midnight on the prior day. This included the 12:00:00 timestamp.

On the other side, the “date<”, I basically set that to midnight the first day of the following month by using +month and then changing date to 1 and times to midnight. That should include a full 24 hours in your comparison.

Thanks!!! It worked! Sorry that i didn’t reply earlier!!!

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