How do i - Filtered specific date


As title, example i want to filter out Order Created today ( meaning day = today )
or any specific day?

Match day,month,year only.

Hey @zhihong0321,

Assuming it doesn’t need to be a dynamic search, you can search via an arbitrary date.

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what if dynamic?

the filter always filter Today Order ?

Remember, dates are a timestamp of a precise moment (to the millisecond) - so Current date/time does not mean Today - it means Now (this very millisecond).

So comparing any date to the current date/time will only be true if the exact millisecond of the date in question is the exact same millisecond of the date you’re comparing it to. The same is true no matter what ‘date’ you’re comparing it to.

If I understand your question correctly, you want to ‘filter out’ orders created today (i.e. do NOT show orders created today.

In that case all you need to do is use Created Date < current date/time: rounded down to day

If you want to show ONLY orders that were created today use: Created Date ≥ current date/time: rounded down to day


Wonderfully Worked!

I have better understanding about Date operator in bubble now.
Great Thanks!

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One thing to call out is that you may encounter some unexpected behavior with this approach depending where your users are located relative to one another. For example, its possible that for User-1 the order rounded down to date would be 3/28, while for another user that same order or current date could be 3/29

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Thanks mate, this is a very good reminder.