Is it possible to convert a spreadsheet to a form, making some fields read-only and others fillable?

I’m trying to create a form that maintains a spreadsheet style for the purpose of collecting freight rate quotes. So I would need to display certain information to the user (Origin, Destination, Weight, Commodity, etc.) and collect information from the user in separate fields (columns) of the same record (row). Here’s an example:

All the data in red would be read-only. All the data in green would be collected from the user. Once the user hit submit, the new rows would ideally be appended to an existing spreadsheet so that each form can be sorted by User ID. See example below. Form submission by user NEWENTRY would append the rows in blue to the existing sheet.

BONUS: As the User ID is identical for every record, would it be possible to create a separate, smaller form on the same page that automatically populates the User ID column of every record submitted with the data submitted once in that smaller form. In the example below, the red columns are read-only, the green columns are fields where the user manually enters data, and the yellow column is automatically populated by the separate User ID form.

So…is this possible?

might do the trick from @levon Editable Data Table like Excel - New Plugin from Zeroqode

@Bubbleboy Thanks for the quick reply and suggestion. I get the impression that plugin works if you’re only trying to edit fields in a table, rather than create new entries in a table for each form submission. I could definitely be wrong about that, but that’s why I’m looking to create my own solution.

The two biggest use cases I’ve found for this type of product when researching solutions are Request for Quotes and Quizzes in a classroom. In both instances, you want to be able to display the same data to every user while recording the responses of each user without showing that data to other users.

I believe simply exposes your db in a way that is logical to the user and let you edit… Best thing to do is go on their forum and ask. Like anything in bubble you’d simply create way of adding new things. Best to speak to the creators

It’s worth a shot. Will do, thanks!

No go with that add-on. @emmanuel Is this possible?

Hi - could you solve that one? If so - how did you do it?

Hi. I was not able to do this in Bubble. I haven’t tried recently as I gave up on Bubble a couple of years ago. I know certain people swear by it, but it’s just not for me.

To have an interactive database, I’ve found Airtable to be the most powerful too. Allowing users to interact with that database can be accomplished through Jotform, Landbot (chatbot format), or Webflow (web dashboard format).

Good luck!

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