Spreadsheet/Datatables Database with Forms

Hi All,

I just wondered if it is possible to build an app similar to SmartSheets/Jotform with Bubble?

Basically I use Google Sheets at the moment as a database which is very clunky and due to Google quota limitations with Scripts it’s become quite difficult to use due to the constant crashing.

I’m looking for an alternative and came across SmartSheets and JotForm but for our small team this will cost a fortune each month (although most features are covered). I’d much prefer the $115 a month with Bubble if I an achieve the desired result.

I ultimately want to build a database to store information which can be viewed in a spreadsheet style such as what SmartSheets offer with the ability to create Forms/PDFs/Dashboard etc and of course user permissions.

Without going into a huge amount of detail is this type of system at least possible to create with Bubble?


Yes, but based on your description you might be better served by Airtable. It’s literally made for your exact scenario.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll take a look at Airtable and go from there