Is it possible to create two app using one database

i want to create an bicycle rental mobile app for university student
so,my idea is i want to create a mobile app for user(student) and web app for admin(universit’s staff)
can i do it using bubble,i just want to create a prototype first
can i combine 2 app within 1 database

Yes, you can use the App Connector

You also don’t need really 2 apps here, actually (unless you require them to be on different domains).

Just make a separate page for the student app and admin page, which are supposed to be different pages anyways.



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If you don’t need a native mobile app, if your users can just use a web app, then you can just use the exact same app for both mobile and desktop.

The admin page(s) is only special because it has extra authentication, not because of the size of the screen.

So do you actually HAVE to use this if you are building a native mobile app as part of your web application? You can’t get away without it, is that right?

Not sure what you mean ?

As I understand it, a native app must be a single page ? So if you want a web app and a native, then I think you will need to do this.

But it is not my area at all, never done a native app.

I’ve never built a native app before (although I think someone said this is more of a ‘wrapper’ and not really a native app?)

so I’m confused as to why my native app couldn’t use the same database as the parent web app it’s a single page of.

After all, it’s a single page within the same web application, why does it need the App Connector to connect to the Bubble database when it’s just a single page within the same web application?

Indeed, if it can be a single page in the same bubble app, then that would be the case. But I don’t know for sure.

Thanks, I guess I can easily test this anyway once I turn my attention to the native app. Ta.

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