Mobile App and then web app with one database?


I am building an app but I realise what I want the mobile app to look like is going to be different from the app you would use on a desktop.

Should I build two apps and if so can they have joint databases?

Also what are the negatives of doing this?

Hey there,

You can simply make your pages responsive, so they shrink to fit a mobile device.

You can create a separate page and check the box on the page that says “This page is a native app”. There have been numerous forum posts about the Bubble App Previewer being down. I don’t believe it has been fixed yet.

You could also built a mobile app in a native programming language and use the API connector to GET/POST data to your Bubble database.

If you’re interested in a native app for iOS, reach out to us at Hackr

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I’m in the same boat and my plan is to build the mobile app on it’s own page (it can look like whatever you want). Then use the index page and other pages within your bubble editor to create the desktop version. Then they would share the same database.

I haven’t launched yet so can’t confirm this works but I don’t see any reasons why it wouldn’t. The mobile app would just end up being 1 page in your ecosystem that happens to be packaged up in an iOS/Android wrapper and displayed over on those devices.