Is it possible to detect system / error pop ups?


I’m working on a PWA downloaded on iPhone.
I have an animation showing a spinning loader that appears before navigation workflows, so that users know that the app is loading, after clicking on a navigation button to navigate to another page of the app.

However, if for any reason a system / error pop up appears (for example, on the sign up form, the pop up “this email address is already in use” ) the workflow gets interrupted, the navigation to another page doesn’t happen and the animated loader keeps staying visible.

I wonder if there is a way to detect any system pop up that might appear, so that I can set an action that hides the animated loader.


You can use the workflow an-unhandled-error-occurs and make it run only when the error code is the one you want to handle yourself. The error codes can be found in the languages section of the settings


Thanks so much, that works!

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