Is it possible to detect when Workflow actions finish?

Hello fellow Bubblers - would love to hear your thoughts:

I am building an app that has many database actions, which is not unusual.

Since Bubble executes workflows asynchronously (and this provides a good user experience), many of my workflow actions are still running when the user is taken to the next page/step, which uses some of the data that is still being created/updated.

I have reduced the number of actions that “Do a Search” to improve speed and also introduced “Result of Step x” to create dependency on a preceding step (as much as possible).

So I am curious to know if there is a way to actually detect within Bubble whether a Workflow and it’s actions have finished executing?

And if there isn’t, what are some best practices that you are using that could allow this detection ?

(I haven’t included specific app details because I am in the thick of building and what I have built is too raw and unfinished).

Hi Jagdish, did you ever find a way around this? (knowing when workflow actions have finished?)

Hey @cowontherun - what I ended up doing was to create a field in one of my data types and set it to “no” before starting the workflow and to “yes” after it finished.

Quite rudimentary but it does the job for me, although a bit costly from a time/speed perspective.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I’ll try this. The sign up action is currently slightly slower than I need.

I did similar way…but by using custom state on the page e.g “wf processing?” (Yes/No)

I use this state to show a single wf processing indicator (fg+rotating icon) for all wf in the page

it should be faster?

Good idea to use a custom state, will try it. Thanks.

Using the custom states workaround mentioned above won’t let me kill the detected-unfinished action if it surpasses a certain amount of seconds. In Python, you can do this (python - Run a process and kill it if it doesn't end within one hour - Stack Overflow). @nickc How do you think about this feature request?

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