Is it possible to generate an API token only in LIVE


I want to have different API tokens in DEV and LIVE. I cannot change the LIVE one, but I can push to LIVE and then change the DEV one. But then the LIVE one gets overwritten when I push to LIVE the next time.

Is this so or I’m I missing something?

Best, Peter

Hi @philledille :wave:

I don’t think so… But why you need two API Token? Can’t you send and YES/NO to your App in order to specify if you are LIVE or not?

What are you planning to do?

Thanks for coming back on this.

It’s actually based on a customer demand (big company with a lot of security rules).

~ Peter

@philledille are your API calls handled via a plugin? If so, this might help? How to handle development/staging APIs with Bubble?

Thanks @juicebox

Unfortunately not using a plugin. But will keep that in mind if I need to solve it for the client.