Is it possible to host a domain on a bubble app that is being used for a wordpress website too?

Hey there. So I’m working on a website for a small business and they already have many parts that were built with wordpress, so they have the domain with the wordpress site. Would it still be possible to host a bubble page under their domain? The domain for for what I’m making in the english version would look something like “”. Can I redirect their domain to the specific bubble page they need that I’m making without needing to transfer the full domain to bubble or however that works? What information do I ask them to do this if it’s possible?

It’s a small business that’s REALLY booming and they need certain features ASAP which I can do using bubble in a few days, except I don’t know if or how we can host it under their domain without disconnecting from their wordpress site. It’s more of a last-resort, last-minute emergency kind of thing and they need the specific things I’m building on bubble. Of course, we can’t just pass over the whole domain because I don’t have their full website needs built on bubble, only a portion as I mentioned. It would take me too long to re-make everything. Any ideas and pointers to how we can go on about this? Not a huge tech person, just someone who got into bubble and happened to run into an opportunity.

Place Bubble in a sub domain like

Minute 7:04

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