Is it possible to impose a limit of items in a list?

Hi there,
I’m new using bubble and I’ve read the limit for lists is 10,000. However I would like to impose a limit of records a user can create in an X field.

Use case 1: Image field (list) for a product data type. I would like to limit users to upload up to 5 images. Is this possible? Or is it better to create 5 single image fields?

User case 2: A company data type may have N products so it has (linked) a product data type field (list). I may limit the number of products in general for each company (not sure about the number yet) as well as to limit the number of products based on subscription tier. Is this possible?

I was thinking to put a condition on the thing that adds to the list, so it becomes unclickable when the count of the list is X.

Which would you think is the best approach?

Thanks in advance!

There are several ways to control this and make the user aware that there is a limit to a given list of data, or that he is close to reaching his limit or that he has already reached the limit of items in that list.

Depending on your use case you can either create conditionals in WFs to prevent new items from being saved when e.g. the count of items in the X list has a Y value, as well as creating view or alert conditionals on elements in the front end that let the user know how to proceed.

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Thanks for your advice @Newed !! :+1:

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