Db limitations?

Bubble reference is saying that “Currently, lists are limited to 10,000 items”. Can an app have more than 10000 things of the same type in its database? If yes, what happens with queries/searches which produce lists if this limitation is reached?

Hey @eftomi :slight_smile: Yes there can be more than 10,000 things of the same type in the database. The 10,000 limit is on fields that store a list of Things. For example, if you had a data type called “Projects”, and stored a list of Projects on the User data type (“Projects”, type: Project, list: yes), the limit for the User’s Projects list for each User would be 10,000. However, there can be more than 10,000 Projects in your application’s database.

Great, I see the difference, thanks! I suppose this goes also for lists as custom states.

In Bubble’s reference the limitation is mentioned under the general title “Data operations and comparisons”. What happens if you get a list of items as a result of Search, which is over 10.000? Or when you use the :plus item operator on that kind of list and you get over 10,000?

No problem! :slight_smile: This may have changed, but from the last posts I read on this, if you’re displaying results from a search, the limit is 50,000 (I believe this is different if you’re on a dedicated plan). If the number of results is over 50,000, nothing will happen, but only the first 50,000 results will be shown. If you were to try to store that list to a list field, there will be an error since the limit there is 10,000.

OK - I have a couple of tables which are >80,000, but these are ‘joining’ tables and are not meant to be displayed directly, so Bubble will have to handle them only “virtually” within expressions. The final results of expressions will be lists of the usual, small size. So I suppose it will work.

I think so too! Here is the original post from Josh with more information:


Excellent, thanks!

[edit:] I tested a table with >10,000 things, Search for Things {fieldX=yes} :count and it works.

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Are any of you experiencing performance problems as your DB grows? My app is now just shy of about 1,000 users, but I’m starting to note significant sluggishness when querying the DB - specifically pulling back items on the page that rely upon querying User “thing” information (e.g. profile picture, name, etc).

The logs show that CPU is very low (under 5%), and no maxing out time periods - I’ve also purchased 2 additional CPU units. So, I’m not sure what may be happening here.

My User thing has about 20 fields, all mainly single valued - so the amount of data isn’t significant.

Again, curious what you guys are experiencing.

Hello @ezmaass

I’m just getting started but definitely need to know if this is an issue I’ll face down the road as we are close to landing some clients that will really affect usage.

Did you find a solution for this? Thanks!!

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