Is it possible to link Office365 to bubble?

Heya folks!

I’ve got a potential customer who’d like to use bubble as there platform for house inspections. they’re currently using Office 385, and have a paper walk-through for each house to inspect.

They’re willing to digitalize this with a simple form - walkthrough style application.

Is it possible to create an application where you can create a new project (neighborhood), and inside the project you have projects of houses where each diffrent house has the same form walk-through which automatically updates into there Office365 area when they’ve saved it.

would love to hear some feedback :slight_smile:


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Integration with O365 is easily doable for an authentication standpoint. What program in 365 are they wanting to save back to? Most of Microsofts application expose API’s. I can tell you from experience, if it’s SharePoint, it’s doable, but that is not a fun one to build lol.

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They store there project on the onedrive of the CTO but they’ve linked it with Sharepoint to make it acces for the whole team of +/- 10 colleagues.

I’ve already rejected the client since it’s to complicated for me to do, might have to take a deeper dive into the API’s of O365, does bubble not support a plugin which auto-connects to a O365 area?

Not that I’m aware of. I usually use the API connector. For authentication though, search for Outlook in the plugins tab.

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