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Any limitations to Bubble API Connector? Can it work with any API?

I’m creating an app that needs to get some data from people’s outlook calendars and also create data. Outlook has an API:

Are there any limitations to the bubble API connector that anyone is aware of?

I’m asking because I need to build this tool and just want to know if I can build it in bubble or not.


As far as I know, If the auth process (OAuth, etc) is something Bubble offers support for, all those APIs are fair game.

I have yet to integrate anything with office365. I glanced at the page linked above. There seems to be support for OAuth. I noticed something Microsoft-y called Azure alongside the OAuth info. I’m not sure what that is.

Thanks @scottb50

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Really any API can work with bubble. The trick is figuring it out if someone hasn’t already.

The suggested method is to get the API to work with an external viewer like

Before trying to get it to work with bubble so you know the settings are correct. Definitely do the bubble API tutorial as well.


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