Is it possible to mimic a timer with the "do every second" workflow?

Hi everybody :slight_smile: I’m trying to simulate a timer function. Is it possible to get a set of numbers to tick up at a 1 second interval to look like a timer while actually being a collection of numbers fields in a data type?

I don’t want to use the “date and time” categories that many other timer solutions use. Because I want to be able to use the value of the timer to perform calculations later and I want to store the value of the result of the timer as a numerical field in a data type.

To summarize, I want numbers on the screen to display that tick up from 0 at a 1 second interval without using type:date because I want them to be formatted as numbers and not dates.

I have a feeling it’s possible and that I’m close but I just can’t get the logic right. I have a hunch it starts with some data type or field or option set number that starts at 0 but I can’t figure out a workflow that helps me manipulate the number how I want. Any ideas?? thanks!!

Simple… just run a Do Every 1 Second Workflow to add 1 to the previous number.