Is it possible to not display the scrolling bar in an horizontal scrolling?

Is there a way to not display the scrolling bar in an horizontal scrolling repeating group if not necessary ?



Yes, requires bit of css

Add an ID to the horizontal repeating group then add an HTML element on the page or add to the page header the following

#theIdYouAssigned{ overflow-x: hidden !important; }

Thanks for your answer… But it give me no result…

I give an ID to the repeating group.

Then, in the Page HTML Header…

My result…

And it’s display on the top of the window…

I probably don’t understand something.

Maybe you will see what ! :wink:



By the way, it’s a RG in a RG…

I think you should use the HTML element on the page. Paste this code into the HTML element.

As you can see on my underpost; the succes is not here.
Dis you try it ?


Try to use shape element and add this element just bottom of the RG. and bring this element to front.
Hope it works.


thanks @manikandan, but it is going to hide it and not to not display it if not neccesary.

Yes, this for hiding the scrollbar.

Thanks :wink:
But I don’t want to hide it. I want to not display it, when the number of colomns is not full.
I wish to have the same comportment than in a vertical scrolling repeating group.

try “auto” instead of hidden