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Is it possible to open a external program on your PC through Bubble?

Hi :slight_smile:

Is it possible to open a external software on your computer through Bubble io?

Example: We have some images we like to open in a 3D program like Rhino? Is it possible through Bubble.

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@martinskaarup1, this might be possible using @tim12333 plugin Deskifier. Using this plugin your Bubble App will function as a desktop app and is f.i. able to access files on your desktop. Starting other programs might also be possible / or it probably can be made possible.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

I will try it!

Are there any alternatives to Deskifier i should check out? :slight_smile:

Kind of… but it’s more about the users’ operating system than this being a Bubble-specific problem. If you know the exact OS, device types, specs, and that the application is definitely installed on every users’ device you can try creating a link to the software’s install location on the user’s local machine. Check out: windows - How to launch an application from a browser? - Stack Overflow

Alternatively, if the user has the application set as the default program to open up a specific file type, the software will launch if they click to download that hosted file. Works the same as opening a mailto: link.