Packaging a desktop app onto bubble website

Hey there Bubblers!

Is it possible to package a desktop app onto the bubble website, so it can be downloaded (MAc/Windows both) after one click?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @andrewfayle

I tried it for Windows and it was working. I haven’t tested MacOs but they offer it as an option. Remember, though, that you will always need an internet connection!

Good luck,

Hi @eren , I actually meant packaging an existing application onto a button on bubble, then when the button is clicked, the desktop app is downloaded. I didn’t mean converting a bubble website into a desktop app. Sorry for the confusion.


Should be possible - you just create a workflow to download the file. I’m just not sure on what file type & size of the software is as to what restrictions would be around that but I’d think you’d be able to manage it one way or another :slight_smile:

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