Is it possible to resize a group when dragued? - Draggable Elements plug-in

Hi guys,

I’ve been experimenting with the draggable plugin in order to use it for my app.
I’m trying to mimic the behavior of google drive:
Shared with CloudApp

The group here gets resized so that you can easily drop it in folders.
So far I’ve only managed to hide elements in the droppable group when it is dragged but this does not play with the width or height of the container draguable group, which is the one that is dragged in the first place.

Do you have any ideas or tips for me?
Any help much appreciated, thank you!

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I found a way to do this through ProNoCoders.

  1. Enable the ability to show the id attribute in your settings
  2. Tag your group element with an id
  3. Run an action to run javascript
  4. Use this code to to update the height and width
    HTML DOM Style height Property
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Hey there,

I’m trying to resize the drag/drop group element when being dragged.

to give you some context I’m using draggable elements plugin.

From what I understand this can be done by running the javascript. The question is: what triggers the javascript workflow?

Any advice or ideas?