Is it possible to select only certain possibilities in an 'option set' source dropdown? And not show “all”?

Hi !

I have an ‘agency’ table and depending on the country chosen in the previous question, I would like only certain options from my ‘option set’ « legal status » to be displayed.
Indeed, each country has its own types of « legal status » and if I display them all for all users, they will be lost.
But I would like not to have to create a new ‘field’ in the table for each country statuts … Because the same user will only use one.
In short, I want a single status ‘field’, with a single ‘option set’ which lists all possible statues… But only those which correspond to my user are displayed in the dropdown.

Thanks a lot for your help !

Multiple ways to do it (depending on your requirements)…

  • You can add all options, then remove the ones you don’t want.

  • You can add a single option (converted to a list) and then add the others you want.

  • You can filter all the options to only include the ones you want.

  • You can save a list of the desired options somewhere (e.g. on the Country Datatype/Option Set), and only display those.

If ‘Country’ is a Datatype or an Option Set in your app, then the last option is probably the simplest.

When working with large lists its best to use searchbox input instead of a standard dropdown. Your users can then type and filter countries instead of having to scroll every time to select countries.

You will have to create a link between the selected country and the agency selected so that the user can filter them accordingly

Hope this helps

Thank you very much ! I will use the 3rd solution ! Perfect !

Yes, it helps a lot! I’m a beginner on Bubble, and I don’t yet have the automaticity to think about the most relevant tools.
I will use the 3rd solution of adamhholmes but you’re idea help me for others problems ! thank you very much !

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