Optin sets based on the user's choice


I have 2 data tables, Countries and Regions, etc.
The dropdown_c shows all countries. Meanwhile the dropdown_r shows the regions based on the user’s choice in dropdown_c.
For instance, Ile de France, Grand Est, Centre for France, Sicily, Sardinia, Lombardy for Italy.
It is not a problem to organize this with data tables.

However, solving this problem with Option sets seems pretty reasonable.
Bubble doesn’t allow doing this, or my experience isn’t enough for this.

I would appreciate if anyone could advise on how to solve this issue though Option sets?

Hi there, @sergey.bure… you can accomplish what you have described by having two option sets, one for Country and one for Region, and in the Region option set, add an attribute that is linked to the Country option set. Then, for each region in the Region option set, map its country attribute to the appropriate option in the Country option set. Finally, configure dropdown_r to show regions where their country attribute matches what is selected in dropdown_c, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc, I also kwon the theory very well))) That is why i tryed the Option sets first… It didn’t work(( ‘Choice source’ works wtih ‘All values’ or ‘Do search for (a data base)’. There is no way to set ‘Do search for (an option set)’.

I just set up an example (you can filter an option set), and it works as expected.


Hi @mikeloc, Thank you! You and ‘:filtered’ make my day! :+1:

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