Is it possible to track login users behavior

 I am building an application in a bubble in which login users' activity can be tracked like how much time they spend in Facebook or any other app and website. Is it possible to do so in a bubble ? if possible how can I do it

It seems like you’re trying to build an analytics tool. I’m not sure if Facebook or other platforms have an API for that specific use case. However, if you wish to track what users are doing within your Bubble app, you could achieve that through integrating Mixpanel or other analytics tool.

actually I am making online course for high school students. , I need to track their activity in laptop or mobile as per parents request . can we do so with bubble ?

So you’re also aiming to track their offline usage? I’m afraid that isn’t possible at the moment. Even if there were APIs that you could use to track their activity on Facebook, Instagram, or other social platforms (Which I think there isn’t) Most if not all website or other platforms will not offer an API like that since that deals with User Privacy.

It’s different in mobile habit or app trackers since they only gather the amount of time a user spends on a certain application, not their activity within the application.

Side Note: If by any chance, there is even a way to replicate how habit or app trackers work, I’m pretty sure it will be quite the complex app to build.

as you mention here “they gather the amount of time a user spends on a certain application”. can we access that amount of time ?

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