Is it possible to trigger a workflow/condition from external websites?


Hopefully I can explain this clearly.

Would it be possible to link the result of a user action in an external website with a workflow or condition in a bubble app?

For example, I have a job application process in my app. Applicants must complete a task to move on to the next phase of their app which may be an assessment quiz or a background check.

Let’s say that I’m using “Checkr” for my background checks. When the applicant submits their background check within Checkr by clicking whatever button they’d process to submit their info, I want a button to become clickable within my bubble app, but only after they’ve submitted that background check in Checkr.

Is something like this possible?

It depends on the external website. Bubble actually supports this type of feature really well when you expose "workflow API. Go to your app settings and then the API Tab and check expose external api


If you do a seach in the forum you’ll find plenty of info.

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Thank you very much.

I’ve turned on the settings. But what exactly do they do?

Does this mean if I am using an external website that has API integration, that I’d be able to manipulate that data in bubble?

At a high level yes…based on making a POST to an exposed Workflow API endpoint you can pretty much do anything with bubble data… this in my vie…w is where the magic is made possible by bubble.

Look at the Workflow API documentation

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Very happy to know that this is indeed possible. I’ll take a look at the documents you’ve sent.

Thank you very much.

Look at this by @romanmg

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