Is it save to store IBAN

Hi Guys
I try to build a gig economy app. So far everything works fine :slight_smile:
A small example how my app works

  1. Customer creates an order
  2. Partners create an offer
  3. Customer accepts the offer
  4. Customer pays the amount to me
  5. Partner fulfils its obligation
  6. I pay the partner (Total amount - xx%)

For the transactions Customer → MyApp I use stripe.

My Question is. How should I deal with the second transaction? MyApp → Partner?
Am I save to store Banking data like IBAN etc in a bubble database?
Should I go with stripe and pay extra fees?
Any other ideas?

Yes, use Stripe for this (unless there’s some specific objection to using Stripe, in which case find another payment processor that offer the same services). There’s no point trying to handle all of this yourself when there are systems built for exactly this purpose.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. Stripe is the easiest way to do but it its also expensive.
Quick example: The Service cost $ 100 and the MyApp fee is 15%. In that case the total costs for transactions are $6.30.
Stripe share: $6.3
my share: $8.7
its not that bad but it could be better :slight_smile:

Back to my question. Is secure enough to store IBAN?

Hello @luca.laube.1

Yes, it´s safe to store IBAN if you set the privacy rules.

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Although I don’t believe IBAN falls under the compliance act, storing it in a non-PCI compliant environment is risky. Essentially, if anything goes wrong such as a hack or something of that nature, the banks typically look for the weakest link to go after to recover their loss.

My opinion, stick with a PCI compliant environment such as Stripe to get rid of the liability to you. Just my two cents.


I think you are right.