Is it still possible to share an editor link?

Hey everyone !

Just a quick question, is it possible to share a link to the editor of an app for free with bubble ?

I’ve just got my first client in Bubble (1 to 1 coaching) and I’d like to have an access to his app to help him on something, but would like not to pay an agency subscription for now :sweat_smile:

Do you know if it’s possible ?

Thanks for your help !!

Hi there, @ThomasC2A… you can have the client go to the Settings >> General tab of the app, set the Application rights to Everyone can edit, and send you a link to the editor. I’m sure it goes without saying that you and the client should be careful with this setting, though, because it opens the editor to anyone who knows how to get to it.

Hope this helps.


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Cool ! Thanks a lot @mikeloc !!

Good to note indeed to be careful with this setting !

We’ll watch it :grin:

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