Sharing of bubble file

Someone please tell me that can we share our bubble file for free? without upgrading our plan?
Is that possible? its urgent plse do help

Hi there, @abipal2019… if by sharing your Bubble file, you mean sharing your editor so someone else can work on your app, you can do that by going to the Settings >> General tab and setting the Application rights dropdown to Everyone can edit. Then, copy the URL to any page in your editor and send it to the other person, and they will have access to your app.

If what I wrote above is not what you mean by sharing your Bubble file, please clarify because a “Bubble file” really isn’t a thing.


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What’s a Bubble file?

I just meant a bubble app with just 4 screens , which I want to share it with my manager. It’s not free for collaboration and how can I share the link ? I’ve changed the settings that everyone can edit…what’s the next step?
sorry, I’m a newbee to bubble :sweat_smile:

If you want your manager to be able to see the app you are making, preview the app and copy the URL to the preview and send it to them. You don’t need to change the setting I referenced if they aren’t going to work on the app in the editor.

Sure thing! thanks a lot Ji :100:

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