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Is my Parameter structure for backend API call correct?

Hi Bubblers,

I’ve setup a backend endpoint and workflow to create users from an external points.

So far I’ve got some of the parameters working for the user data type (name for the user is added to the database without any issue), but I want to create an entry in the database for another type of thing called Company User Datapoints. I’ve got the parameter structure wrong because the data does show in my database even though it’s in my API call.

Any help is appreciated.

Hey, need some clarification-

Are you setup the backend workflow and In that you are calling the create user API ( using the Company User Datapoints table database) ?

About the error in the postman- Are you using the bubble API to create user?

No what I’m doing is activating a workflow to create a user and create company user datapoints. The api call is passing the parameters to that workflow.

I can pass the parameters successfully for the create user, but I can’t pass the parameters to create the company user data points.

Can you share the Bubble workflow setup?

My guess on what the problem is that your Bubble workflow expects 1 single item in the company field while the API you’re showing on Postman is sending a list of companies.

Sorry guys, I’m a massive idiot. I’ve noticed I’ve capitalised the parameters when they are case sensitive. This is why I shouldn’t work late at night, sorry for wasting your time!