Backend Workflow POST API HELP!

Hello everyone!

I am desperate for help. I searched our forums, reddit and YT for guides but cant find any specifically with my concern. Basically, i just want to know how to do backend workflows specifically to POST to an API. Anyone willing to help me on this one please, this is probably easy and guides ive seen are way advanced than what i want to do.

DM/google meet would be nice so i can learn the process as well side-by-side. Please, i am begging!!! And yes, i am still fairly new to Bubble. THANK YOU :bowing_man:

If you know how to do a Post to an API, then it is the same on the backend workflows as it is on a front end workflows. One thing you might not have done when setting your API call is to make it an Action and not Data in the API connector.

You can search and find a lot of information on backend workflows.

You can also find information on the API connector.

Both things you need to know, backend workflows and API connector, Bubble has in their manual and also tutorial videos.

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I finally got it to work after 3 weeks of trial and error lol. Yes, i did watch vids from bubble but i didnt use the API connector. I started with the backend workflow and schedule API. Thank you so much for responding!

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Hi, I’m having a similar problem in trying to POST data (create a customer) to an external API. I have initialized the call and set it as an action but nothing seems to be happening and created a backend workflow (probably haven’t done ut correctly). Can I ask exactly what you did?

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did you figure this out? trying to figure this out ttoo