Is my workflow too big for bubble to handle? (plz help) been stuck for 3 days

I have a workflow in my dashboard with 17 steps! Here it is:

On step 16 I call an API workflow on a list. Nothing happens. The weird thing is that I’ve tested this backend call in different workflows on my app and it works perfectly. But in this one workflow, it does not work whatsoever.

Is this 17 step workflow too big for bubble to handle :wink: or am I not allowed to schedule an backend call twice in one workflow? (I have two API calls on a list). Or am I just missing something dumb.

I have been stuck on this for 3 days so if anyone can help me out, I will be ecstatic.

Thanks guys.

Is it a privacy rules issue?


There could be a couple of underlying issues here but the best one that I could think of, or at least based on your screenshot, is the actions are not running synchronously.

Actions that schedule an API WF run as soon as the workflow starts regardless which step you placed them in.

Also, you might want to check out recursive workflows instead of scheduling API WFs on a list

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i don’t think so

Interesting. I will try recursive workflows.

in my experiance its best to rebuild the workflow step by step and see the result of each action. it can be tough to see what is not being accomplished when you have a long workflow. this can be good because it helps you re-understand what your actual goal was and maybe acomplish it better.

if this is a button action , just copy that button and have the 2 buttons next to each other, then build it step by step and see the results

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